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Lee here and the current map is 8 months old! On a PVP/faction server that is a long time. All things will be wiped including, mcmmo, money, ranks, map, and whatever else in game you can think of. I understand some people may be upset by this but please understand resets need to happen, we figure now with 1.8 coming out and the end of summer vacation that will mark our 2 year anniversary this is the best time.

1.8 Updates to come:
⒈ The map will be 54% Larger! Thats right 12,000 Blocks in a circular path.
⒉ There will be 2 more Crops added to the Crop Shop! (Potato’s And Carrot’s)
⒊ We are adding a new gun known as The Ripper (COD Ghost)


Please do not cause a fuss or abuse staff in game, if you want to leave and start fresh on another server by all means go for it! We will miss you but resetting a map is an essential part of keeping the server new, fresh and exciting.


The Good Part

• Donors will NOT lose anything they donated for.


Now! Its your decision is to choose to start a new base or continue with the one you have…

• Farm land will be cleared!

• All Chest will me cleared!
• And you will need to find land and power to reclaim it.


To Keep your Factions Base fill out the form below!


Police Rules

Rules are as follow:

01.) Police can NOT attend Drop Parties!

02.) Police can not do or influence the use of drugs on the server!

03.) Don’t jail other police.

04.) Corrupt police will be demoted, warnings will not be given.

05.) If you are demoted you will go back to Dealer rank and not your previous criminal rank.

06.) You can jail for all drugs.

07.) Never take anything from chests other than drugs otherwise you will be demoted instantly.

08.) If you are killed by a criminal and they hit you first, you may jail them and take back your stuff but that is all!

09.) Only jail people for drugs in spawn.

10.) Do not jail people in spawn unless they have drugs.

11.) Police who are in criminal factions must leave them!

12.) You can accept bribes as police.

13.) Police who do not read rules or break them will be demoted without question.

14.) All police will follow the rules and those who don’t whether your are a donor or not will be demoted to Dealer.

Raiding Rules are as follow:

Police are not allowed to raid at this time!