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Police Rules

Rules are as follow:

1.) Police can NOT attend Drop Parties!

2.) Police can not do or influence the use of drugs on the server!

3.) Don’t jail other police.

4.) When raiding police can only take drugs and nothing else.

5.) If police are killed during a raid you may jail the criminal only if they hit you first.

6.) Corrupt police will be demoted, warnings will not be given.

7.) If you are demoted you will go back to Dealer rank and not your previous criminal rank.

8.) You can jail for all drugs.

9.) Never take anything from chests other than drugs otherwise you will be demoted instantly.

10.) If you are killed by a criminal and they hit you first, you may jail them and take back your stuff but that is all!

11.) Only jail people for drugs in spawn.

12.) Do not jail people in spawn unless they have drugs.

13.) Police who are in criminal factions must leave them!

14.) You can accept bribes as police.

15.) You may have your own drug farm I know its stupid but it keeps the game interesting for cops…

16.) Police who do not read rules or break them will be demoted without question.

17.) When raiding leave a sign at the raided base saying who it was raided by.

18.) All police will follow the rules and those who don’t whether your are a donor or not will be demoted to Dealer.

Error in the DNS Alias?!

If you get this Error you should be able to connect using the Non-Alias Ip:

Trouble Shooting has showed this works but we are not 100% sure it does if anyone else has any more problems with this please send it to support!